The Stageplay


Immediately upon its completion as a screenplay, Never After attracted the attention of Theatre@First founder and director, Elizabeth Hunter. She helped to adapt it for a staged reading, with over fifty people in the cast and orchestra.

Read the Somerville Journal's interview with Colleen about the production: Modern day fairytale ‘Never After’ premieres at Somerville Theatre this month

In September 2009, Elizabeth directed two performances at the historic Somerville Theatre to a wildly enthusiastic audience, deemed "wonderful" by people from five to eighty years old. Some of the many comments it received:
- Great! - Fantastic! - Excellent! - Awesome! - Smashing! - Stunning!
- Truly, truly lovely. I enjoyed it tremendously.
- Songs that stand proudly alongside Sondheim and Gilbert & Sullivan.
- I don't like community theatre, I hate musicals, and I loved this.
- The next Wicked.
- An amazingly fun adventure!
- Never After should become a staple of touring and college theatre.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, Colleen adapted the script, rewriting it as a stageplay. It has roles for over 35 people (18 men, 10 women, the remainder indeterminate), but could be done by 25 with doubled roles.

Download the opening song sequence, nine pages.

Contact Colleen Campbell for the full script, to order a DVD of the Theatre@First production, or for comments or questions.

Never After is registered with the Writers Guild of America, East, #1210176.