The Author


Colleen Campbell

DragonColleen is the author, composer, and lyricist of Never After. It is her first musical, but fourth screenplay and fifth stage play. She wrote and directed her first play at age eighteen, and her second won a new playwrights' contest and a full production.

She is now working on a fifth screenplay, about the intersection of charismatic telepaths and chaotic Native American spirituality. After that, she plans a musical written for the stage, a global warming post-apocalyptic dystopian musical - just for something different.

She resides in greater Boston, has a career in massage therapy, and tries to keep up with her four-year-old daughter.

Artist’s Statement

CeeI go back a long way with fairytales. Like many American girls who grew up with Disney, I have a love/hate relationship with their storytelling and the concept of the princess. When Enchanted came out, I was thrilled: Disney doing its own spoof of the genre, amongst all the many other reworkings/revisions/fractured fairytales of late.

And yet. On my umpteenth viewing, I was struck with the question, why are we still using this tired old princess-needing-rescue trope? I could think of plenty of examples of the male protagonist empowered by love to save his damsel, but stories of the female protagonist so transformed are in short supply. The hero must change and grow to be most fully himself, but the heroine can remain passive, an object.

I want to see movies where the princess rescues the prince...or another princess...or just her own self. So I decided to write my own. Shortly into the process, I realized that it would make a great musical, so I figured I'd better do that, too. Musicals are my first love, Sondheim my longest-running idol, but I was as surprised as anyone to discover this rushing out of me. I wrote it in eight months, feeling more inspired than I ever have before. With no background in music composition, I am indebted to Bethany Weber and Mary Bichner for the song arrangements.

Enchanted brings the fairytale into the contemporary world. Never After brings the contemporary world into the fairytale. I hope, as my daughter grows up in a world festooned with the princess mystique, that I'm adding some options to the oeuvre.

Excited by Colleen's ideas? Contacts in Hollywood or Broadway? Colleen is seeking representation, management, or a referral to someone with the clout to turn this into the feature film or Broadway extravaganza it should be.

Come on: a heroine single-handedly fighting scores of (CGI) dragons, while singing about it to her abducted lesbian love. You know you want to see it!