The Screenplay


Fairytale musical, meet lesbian princess.

Never After is a completely original script for a feature film: 120 pages of rich satire and skewering wit, and ten musical numbers. Book, music, and lyrics are by Colleen Campbell.

Welcome to the fairytale kingdom of Generica, which turns out to be too perfect for its own good. Conniving fairy Hexasper shakes things up when she decrees that the newborn princess will grow up to be a lesbian. And indeed, to her parents' dismay, Princess Les uses her long hair to tie up her princely suitor. She runs off with his horse, armor, and sword to find her own adventures - and, unwittingly, trample all over the world of fairytale tropes.

Les joins up with the Very Merry Men, bandits who are fabulous at everything they do. She teams up with a village full of peasants, who beat their plowshares into weapons, taking on first their marauding dragons and then their self-important rulers. And she discovers how complicated life can be, when she kisses the slumbering Princess Somnia.

In the tradition of Enchanted, Wicked, and Into the Woods comes a story that turns the traditional fairytale on its ear. Want to see a beautiful, plucky heroine battling scores of dragons while singing to her lady-love? You’ve come to the right movie.

Download the first song sequence, eleven pages long.

To request the entire script or for other questions, contact Colleen Campbell.

If you are an industry professional, you may visit for the entire script.

Its copyright number is 1-1235678161.

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